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About Us


Sisters Manely & Mona have been fashionistas from day one. Having curves & into fashion, they quickly realized that they are everything but typical. In high school, finding pieces that allowed them to express themselves was super challenging, so they were creative with what they could find. That’s when they discovered their talent & passion for styling and fashion. They both opted out of their culture’s “norm” of doctors & lawyers & attended fashion school at FIDM. The voluptuous duo went on to create MGStylingsisters, a fashion & lifestyle blog where they offer tips & alternative cuts on trends for dressing all body types & budgets.

These sisters knew they were destined to take their wisdom, passion & training to make a difference for millions of women, every age to look & feel their best with the way they dress.

UNÉKFORM.com is a collection of the best trends & construction that flatters the unék body shapes of all women. We want to provide women of all ages a platform to get inspired with styling tips, classic alternatives, all at a price point that will leave some dimes for that dime you have on yo mind.



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